Piet Pennings began in 1960 with the first bulb. Originally Pennings was a farmer and he combined the two industries until 1968. Then went the last of the cattle yard and he focussed entirely on the bulbs. The farm is still there, and gives the company a nostalgic look. From the beginning Piet grew tulips and daffodils, those crops are also grown.

The area is slowly tulips grown in the years and now has 5 acres. The range consists of about 20 species of tulips in all colors. In the late seventies, an important step was taken to the nursery today, when Piet received numerous slit crown daffodils in the hands of the Fa Gerritsen from Overalls and bought the entire daffodils booth Grullemans from Lisse. Since then, the focus is on growing daffodils. 6.5 acres are now 100 cultivars and their own seedlings.