Flower bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. Tulips , daffodils , hyacinths , alliums and more. We are willing to help you with the kind of bulbs you are looking for.

Although the ordinary daffodil is most famous with its trumpet-shaped flowers, our assortment enormously varied . The flowering time is in the spring and by choosing the right product range it can cover a period of up to two months. Colors like yellow, purple ,pink, amber, white, orange and even green, or combinations of these are now all available .

Apart from the origin of scented meerbloemigen and po√ęticussen – called poet – called narcissus we see nowadays scented varieties appear in the large-flowered daffodils. The Po√ętaz daffodils , as Sir Winston Churchill , Cheerfulness , Yellow Cheerfulness and Geranium also spread a nice smell. Ook in shape , there are several possibilities , in particular the daffodils , curled types and cyclamineusnarcissen , which in recent years are introduced. any new colors In short , plenty of developments that may have an incentive to upgrade your daffodils assortment!