P. Pennings in Noordwijkerhout located in the heart of the bulb area . The family business of Piet and Rik Pennings growing daffodils and tulips , for wholesale / export and retail . Father and son have a very wide range of specialized and daffodils. This range has been built through years of experience and is cultivated with care .

Both large and small customers are welcome to P. Pennings . For customers in wholesale and export a catalog for the special daffodils from their own stall. Published annually The catalog is supplemented by a number of cultivars , so that customers of all shapes, colors , sizes and numbers can come to Pennings .

The concern for quality and variety of their spheres stall condition in the family business first. Regular and new customers know Piet and Rik for their special types available for many years. The responses to the daffodils exhibition at Keukenhof , where Pennings solid contributor since 1986 ‘s , are evidence .